Isa Activity – Energy

As part of the ISA Activity ‘Renewable Energy’, a case study was done by students of Grades 10 and 11 on the feasibility of various sources adopted to conserve energy in India. This motivated them to find ways to conserve energy in GCIS and conduct an electricity audit. As part of the audit, it was decided that students would form multiple groups with each group having different responsibilities. Ground work was done to determine appliances dependent on electricity. The consumption pattern of these were collated and analysed. Office administration supported our data collection efforts with the help of prior period expenditure pattern. Review with the project team was conducted where all material compiled was discussed. Basis which recommendation was prepared for consideration of management on adoption of solar energy panels to address the issue of high energy consumption in the school.

This activity helped in creating awareness among the student groups on our energy consumption pattern and its adverse effects. This has made them think and act more responsibly with regard to conservation of energy and act as responsible global citizens

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