Student Exchange Programmes

GCIS is one of the partner schools with AFS India that works closely to facilitate student and teacher exchange programs. Our partnership with AFS started in 2015. AFS in an international, voluntary, non-governmental and non-profit exchange organisation that guides students to articulate the intense transformation and personal growth they experience during their exchange program. Students additionally also develop: adaptability, critical thinking, self-awareness, empathy, communication skills, valuing differences, open-mindedness, global awareness, and change-making. AFS India and GCIS share the vision of building deep understanding and global competencies between cultures.

Our partnership has accomplished many successful exchanges since then, a few of which are outlined below.

2015: Our journey began by hosting our first exchange student Daniil Kolesov from Russia.

2016: This journey continued with hosting a student Mas Florian Hirsch from Germany for a year long program, and a French teacher Mr. Danila Starkov from Russia.

We hosted AFS interschool education fest in 2016 and 2017. Representatives from the USA, Russia, Italy, Germany, Thailand, France, Indonesia and Argentina conducted workshop for our students. This was a great experience for them to learn and embrace different cultures of people from around the world.

2016: This journey continued with hosting a student Mas Florian Hirsch from Germany for a year long program, and a French teacher Mr. Danila Starkov from Russia.

2017: We hosted students from USA from the STEM Indradhanush-I AFS program. The students developed critical global competencies and also accomplished many projects in the STEM lab at GCIS which helped them to build their problem-solving, analytical skills and intercultural understanding.

2018: We hosted a year-long exchange program with students from Italy and USA. In the same year, we accomplished an incredible two-way exchange with Russia in which the students and teachers from both the countries hosted each other.

2019: We had many collaborations in this year with AFS.

GCIS hosted another year-long exchange program with students from Japan and Thailand.

In the same year, GCIS sent our second two-way exchange batch of students and teachers to Finland.

Students from Italy visited us for a 6 weeks long STEM program – Indradhanush -II in July 2019. Nine Students underwent extensive training for STEM subjects –Sciences, Math and Technology.

Four GCIS students represented Bangalore at the AFS Global Peace Fest in Delhi. Miss Shravya won the first prize which was a scholarship of INR 2.5 Lakhs and Miss Ishita bagged a scholarship of INR 2 Lakhs for any exchange program of choice to an International location.

2021: Students from GCIS soared high at the Interfaith Bulletin Board Competition conducted by AFS Intercultural program India. We were the proud winner in the National and Regional categories.

2022: VYL program- Global City International School was selected to participate in the Victorian Young Leaders to India Program 2023 (VYL India). This Program was for grade VIII students, designed to prepare them to live and work as citizens and future leaders in an increasingly interconnected global community.

This innovative and exciting program has been developed to achieve its objectives by leveraging technology to connect Victorian students virtually with schools in India and the local Indian diaspora community.

2023: We will soon be hosting a student from Italy for a year long program.

The exchange programs with different countries were a huge success and turned out to be amazing and pragmatic exchange experiences. They allowed us to value the cultural nuances and develop a deep intercultural understanding. The students came back with lots of memories and new friendships to cherish forever. Additionally, we at GCIS have had an incredible experience in hosting students from different countries and in learning their tradition, values and cultures.


GCIS is constantly working on self-development, for us quality stands before quantity, which is why being aware of the current tendencies and practices in the Education Globally is crucial.

Our collaboration with accredited educational bodies:

Partner Schools

Partner schools are educational institutions that collaborate with each other to offer students additional opportunities for academic and personal growth.

Here are some of our partners in India and Worldwide.



More than 70 competent  teachers, 33 classes , 100%



One of the top schools in Russia, with 800 students



Gimnazija is a grammar



Cevre College is one of the most prominent schools



Gymnázium Litoměřická, Prague




Cevre College is one of the most prominent schools in