CBSE Curriculum

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Our CBSE program is holistic in nature and ensures excellence through a student centric approach. It promotes intellectual, social, and cultural awareness among students. We endeavour to make our schooling enjoyable and memorable as well as to focus on satiating intellectual curiosity in the students. Our children learn to equip themselves with skills, resilience needed in life to deal with the challenges of a career and other responsibilities ahead. The ultimate aim of our school is to shape our students as free intellectual thinkers who can easily function as tomorrow’s global citizens. We can proudly say that we have always given cent percent results and we endeavour to keep up and upscale the good work.

Our Attributes

Our Philosophy

We believe that each child should have access to equal opportunities consistent with their individual capabilities. We believe that change is a constant factor in life. So, the education system should be flexible enough to facilitate intelligent adaptability to a changing society. We believe that education is independent thinking, exploration and experimentation. We firmly believe “To educate a child in mind and not in morals, is to create a menace in the society.”

Awards And Recognition



Primary education forms the bedrock of development. It is in primary school that children learn foundational skills that prepare them for life, work and active citizenship. Our key focus areas in Primary Curriculum are to ensure proper foundation in literacy skills and numeracy skills.

We believe in experiential learning and so we encourage the use of Butterfly Fields Kits to enhance more hands-on learning in Maths and Science Subjects. Here, at GCIS, we give equal importance to scholastic as well as co-scholastic development of the students.

 Co-scholastic subjects include Art & Craft, Music, Dance, ICT. In addition to the Co-scholastic subjects, a wide range of co-curricular options like Martial Arts – Taekwondo, Football and Volleyball and other activities are offered (please check the CCA activities page).



Secondary Curriculum focuses on nurturing and strengthening the 21st century skills – critical thinking, creative thinking, collaboration and effective communication.

Please refer to the Clubs and CCA pages to know more about the Co-curricular aspects.