Mr. Rohan Raj, PE Instructor

From the glory days of Michael Jordan to the passionate, avid days of Lebron James; I have been a devoted follower of basketball. I have discovered my affection for basketball through my peers and coach and I hope that I can help others share my love for the beloved sport. Firstly, I want to talk about the importance of sports in general. They play a crucial role in balancing a curriculum and have also proved to be reliable way for students to vent stress and enjoy. It determines the mental and physical fitness of a student as it helps them perform and analyze better in real-life situations.

It is easier to keep the subject interesting because of the ever-evolving state of sports. For example: students will be compelled to learn a sport if it is present competitively or if it is popular generally. Also, in the end, students will learn about their own body parallelly with the sport itself. This could encourage them to aim for a fitter body and continue to pursue the sport as a hobby or even as a career.

Secondly, I want to focus into a sport that I love and specialize in: basketball. Basketball is a team sport which requires intense strength, stamina, speed, consistency and teamwork, a team cannot function properly without five players who communicate efficiently with each other, much like the real world where it is absolutely necessary for good communication skills. Basketball is a sport which I grew up with and it has taught me as a wise master and nourished me as loving mother. I push myself daily to give back to this brilliant sport and introduce it to the developing buds I call students. I am also into teaching cambridge IGCSE, AS and A levels Physical education- which makes up a vital part of a balanced school curriculum which teaches students that physical education is not just playing in the field; it involves self discipline; analysing practical situations; understanding the human body and more. The subject is interesting because players get to parallely learn about themself as they play on the field. This subject is taught through a broad range of tasks, challenges, athletic adventures which encourages excitement in children to pursue knowledge.

As a coach, I aim to help my students improve themselves as a player and a human being. I provide them with a broad range of tasks, challenges, athletic adventures which encourages excitement in children to pursue knowledge. I also aim to teach them important personal traits that could determine their future, for example: self-discipline, resolve and hardwork. I hope that, one day, I could get the opportunity to see my students on the big stage.

Thank you,

Rohan Raj – Certified professional physical education instructor specialised in basketball and representative the Southern Blues club in A division in the men’s category (Seeded 4th overall in Karnataka)

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