International School Award Ceremony

The International School Award is a British Council accreditation scheme rewarding schools with a notable global element in their curriculum.

GCIS receives the International School Award for the very first time. We believe in sowing seeds of globalization at an early stage so that our children are empowered and evolve into true global citizens.

It is undoubtedly an acknowledgement of the positive and diverse school culture that makes it happen. Heartiest Congratulations to everyone who were associated with this Award.

Mr Venkata Suresh Lolla – Leading the Integration of International Learning in the school.

Ms Shikha Jain – Coordinating the Integration of International Learning in the school.

The 10 Core team members for supporting the integration of International Learning in the school:

– Ms Vinaya; Ms Netravati; Ms Ramandeep; Mr Gautham; Mr Ramkumar; Ms Balarohini; Ms Krithiga; Ms Pallavi; Ms Deepshikha; Ms Alakananda.

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