USPU Seminar On Cognition And Methodology

It is essential for us to keep learning at GCIS as we aim at helping the constant growth of every single member of our community.

USPU has conducted the 4th Teacher Training Seminar at our school for 12 of the facilitators and leaders on 17-27 August. Prof. Daria Starkova and Prof. Olga Alifanova of Ural State Pedagogical University have taught us on Cognitive and Methodological Science. The 10 days program included learning on Concepts, Frames, Visualization in Teaching, Remembering a Cognitive process, Hemispheric Asymmetry in our teaching process and Communication and Observations.

“Every journey, no matter how big or how small, must first begin with a will to try…”

We’re looking forward to the continuation of our friendly and fruitful USPU collaboration.

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