Spastics Society Field Trip

GCIS is an inclusive school, providing schooling to children with Learning Difficulties also. The Supportive Instructions Team of the school caters to the individualized needs of children who require to be taught in a different manner.

In an attempt to sensitize children about accepting others who are differently abled, the students of Grade 5, CBSE were taken on a field trip to the Spastics Society of Karnataka, on 15/09/2017.

Ms Shobha Sunder of the Medico Social Work Department briefed our students about what causes some children to be disabilities and how awareness of the variations amidst the society can play a pivotal role in paving a smooth path for these children to have a meaningful and fulfilling life.

Ms Radha Mohan, a valued staff member of SSk conducted a tour of the facility.

SSK also houses a Sheltered Work Unit for children and adults who are incapable of fending for themselves outside the protective walls of this facility. It includes a Creative Art Unit and Tailoring Unit. The members of these units earn their living and showcase their talent in Paper Craft, making mats and bags.

Students of Grade 5 went home with carrying the light of awareness of accepting, including and welcoming the differently abled in their lives.

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