Show And Tell Activity

Show and Tell is a chance for our tiny tots to show off their “prized possessions”. Being centre of attention for a couple of minutes will make them feel special and important. These emotions will make them feel more confident and valued. Who doesn’t like being the centre of attention? Even if it’s for a minute or two!

It’s also a great way to encourage your child’s interest in a particular topic and – as almost anything goes – it’s a chance for children to think ‘outside the box’ a little and invite their teacher and classmates to come into their own little world for a minute or two.

The Pre-KG children were so excited to bring their favourite toy to school, as soon they entered the classroom they took out their toy and placed it on a table while they waited for their turn to share with the group. Each child was called to the front and were encouraged to show their toy to the rest of the class. All were eager to talk about their toys. Girls were happy to display their dolls, soft toys while boys were thrilled to talk about their cars, toy truck, and airplane. Some of them got domestic animals, whistle and superheroes, those who did not bring were provided by their favourite stuff available in the classroom. Most of them spoke with confidence, their eyes were gleaming when they were showcasing their favourite toys to others while some were encouraged by asking simple questions about their toy which made them speak and describe more about their toy.

The topic for KG 1 children was ‘Fruits and vegetables’ and they exceeded our expectations.

The theme for KG 2 was “My favourite animal”. Children brought various props/objects/flashcards of their favourite animal and took over the class in turns, experiencing interesting facts and information of different animals and expressing it their way. They were good teachers as well as audiences, patiently performing, listening and enjoying the presentations. Not only was this activity conducted to talk about their favourite animal, but mainly to develop and shape their oral, listening and social skills. It concluded happily with the children discussing and discovering each other’s fantasies about their favourite animals. It was truly a treat to our eyes.

This activity helped children in building confidence, learning great communication skills that will serve as a solid foundation for future learning.

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