Self Protection Workshop

We conducted the first of a series of workshop on “Self Protection” in association with Safe Campus.

All the students of CI and CBSE from grade 6 to 11 were introduced to the concepts and nuances of personal safety and security in everyday life.

The program aims at creating mental, emotional and physical well being and safety of students by incorporating the students, educators and staff of the school in creating an all new arena of empowered learning.

The teachings are based on the concept that “mind is the strongest weapon that we have”. The concepts introduced were-

  1. Personal space- mind, body and heart.
  2. Harm- do not let anybody break down your self esteem through emotional, mental or physical harm.
  3. Situational Awareness- always stay aware and alert so that we can respond instead of reacting.
  4. Viral parts- those parts that cannot be strengthened by doing any excercise should be focused to create maximum impact in minimum time.
  5. Mutual Respect- do not violate the personal space of others and stand up to protect your own personal space.

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