Inter-House Dance Competition

On the 23rd of August, the students of CBSE grades VI-X had their first Inter House Competition which was the Inter House Group Dance Competition. The topic was internationalism. The 4 houses of GCIS displayed their performances and indeed it was amazing. The students were asked to take any one international form of dance and portray a message through their dance. The judges of the competition were Mr. Gautham Mrs. Kritika and Mrs. Aditya Priya. It was a remarkable effort put up by the students and the teachers. All the four houses were unique in their own ways. The Emerald house chose the theme of Harry Potter. The Ruby House chose to portray the importance of the girl child. The Sapphire house portrayed global unity and the Topaz house depicted International integration. All the students enjoyed the dances showcased by the four houses. The compering for the whole event was done by Navya Jayachandran , the school cultural secretary.

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