Independence Day Celebration

The 70th anniversary of independence Day Celebrations at Global City International School was celebrated with great fervour and enthusiasm. The heavy downpour the previous day did not dampen the spirits of the enthusiastic students who came dressed in bright hues and colours of the Tricolour. There were dances, patriotic songs, skits, mime and speeches to mark the occasion. The skit by the high school students on the Quit India Movement was a runaway hit with the audience. The children enjoyed performing their roles as much as the audience enjoyed watching them. The grandparents of the Kindergarten were specially invited to be the guests on the occasion. The President of the school, Mr. Jayapal and the Principal, Mr. Venkat Suresh Lolla addressed the audience and spoke about the need to rise above the petty differences existing between certain sections in the community and take the nation towards progress.

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