Fundamental Learning Workshop

Learning has to be in the body and not in the brain. So, as to develop the skills, it is essential to learn the right body language.

Our teachers, Rinki Sachdev Cruz and Priyansha Santra, were given the opportunity to attend a one-day workshop on ‘Fundamental Learning’ organized by Bangalore Sahodaya Schools at Sri Kumaran Children’s Home on 29 August 2017.

The workshop’s objective was to teach learning through whole body movement. The following topics were covered during the workshop:

1.Stereognosis: knowing by touch for Montessori, absence of stereognosis caused mind blindness.

2.Writing Skills: Writing requires 21 set of skills.

3.Different levels of learning:

a) Chemical learning: how a teacher engages everyone, good learning takes place and vice versa.

b) Electrical Learning: brain cells form a circuit, take information from environment and pass on.

c) Structural Learning: more practice, brain processes faster, information is not lost.

4.3 Basic needs of humans: Attention, Recognition, appreciation.

5.Ways to appreciate someone: Words of appreciation, Gifts, Acts of service, Quality time.

The workshop was very positive and a great learning experience. Besides that, there were teachers from different schools and institutes of Bangalore who also participated in this workshop. It was interesting to exchange views among each other and get a wider perspective with respect to the workshop.

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