Cultural Bazaar

What we learn with pleasure we never forget

          - Alfred Mercier

Success belongs to the relentless learners. Because as you know more, you can achieve more

         - Robin Sharma

Driven by this famous quote and with international exposure at the core of all its actions, The Global City International School organized a unique assortment of landmarks, history and heritage of 11 countries across the globe- Brazil, Finland, Greece, China, Singapore, Japan, Mexico, Germany, Egypt, Australia and Saudi Arabia. Aptly called the “Cultural Bazaar”, it was indeed a spectacular idea in giving the students an exclusive prospect to explore and learn with exclusive details.

With each class representing a country, the students and teachers used this occasion as an extension to get a broader panorama of different countries. The conjoint efforts saw teachers devising methods which invigorated the curiosity amongst students and also kept the learning quotient high.

Some highlights, to name a few, were Grade 1 teachers using pencil toppers to tell the students about the animals of Finland and using available tools to show why Finland is called the Land of the Mid-night Sun. Another significant learning was on the densely covered rainforest of Brazil which is a home to a variety of animals and a subject of environmental interests.

The Grade 2 children not only made lanterns and gained the knowledge on the currency of China but also enjoyed figuring out their category as per Chinese Zodiac Signs. The team showcasing models of the Great Wall of China were all wide-eyed on learning that the wall is visible from the moon. Their learning horizon got broadened by the ancient Greek gods and most importantly about the mathematical Sieve of Eratosthenes.

Grade 3 went on a musical journey exploring numerous musical instruments used by the great German musicians, made invitations welcoming their parents to witness their learning scenario and about the history of legendary figure, Hitler. Furthermore, the contentment was evident when they started greeting in Spanish and got immersed in the varied festivals of Mexico.

The rich civilization of Egypt, pyramids and the legend of the Phoenix were learnt by the Grade 4 students. Grade 5 went on a virtual trip to Australia and experienced one of the wonders of the sea world – the Coral Reef.

Delighted about the land of sand and fuel – Saudi Arabia, Grade 6 effortlessly experienced a desert wilderness using mostly recycled materials. They got an exposure on man’s desire and willpower to make desert habitable.

The Grade 7 and 8 student-teacher team representing Singapore learnt how implementation of knowledge led to the building of magnetic train. The students also extended their learning and learnt about super trees, the significance and importance of the rain forests and of course, the Merlion which is a major tourist attraction and landmark of Singapore.

Grades 9 and 10 also created a huge structure representing Mount Fuji, a symbol of China, alongside transient beauty of cherry blossoms.

The excitement amongst the students was palpable. Some were a little nervous and were seen rehearsing their talk while others were excited to see what their friends and seniors in other classes had put up and were seen excitedly sharing and showing-off the knowledge they had acquired.

The journey was a mutual learning for the teachers and the students alike. Seamlessly, the broader picture of all the countries was showcased with a pride of triumph. We are confident that the parents too have found the event constructive and fun.

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