An Ode To My Students

The greatest gift I ever got is YOU- my dear students!
You are like budding stars, gleaming upon us
You all are to be treasured!
But never to be measured.
Wonderful memories flood my mind,
As I put my brain to contemplate.
You tell that the termites devoured your math book;
That your vocabulary went down the drain;
That you worked your fingers to the bone on science project;
Just confess that you lost your worksheets…and books TOO!
But that’s not all. Memories flood my mind.
The one whose silly jokes make me convulse with laughter
The one with the best handwriting: the saviour
The one whose sweet smile is so soothing
The one who loves books and excels as a reader- the
Who always listens AND who never listens when told to listen
The timid, the unruly, the naughty and the comical one
You make up the classroom…and my life.
Be optimistic, smile relentlessly and keep going
Of course, giving up is not an option for you.
Sure, one day you will live on your own.
You’ll never stop growing.
So on this Children’s Day,
I want you to know that
You own the recipe of euphoria
And YOU are the REASON I show up at school
Every single day!

Ms. Kikamongla (FLE Faculty, GCIS)

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