Spelling Bee competition with four rounds was organized for the CIE students from 7 August which culminated on 28 August. It was one out of the numerous enjoyable competitions that gave students a platform to learn spellings in different ways like spell check, crack-the-code, flashcards, word search, word jumbles, scrabble and oral contest. Children had to go through the various stages followed by grueling final rounds.

They also help build children’s self confidence and, more importantly, they are a lot of fun! Classroom bees were held in English language class at each grade level. Each grade was awarded certificates of Star and Super Star. Being able to spell correctly is a buzz! Congratulations to Aadya Saxena, Beryl, Abhra Joshi, Shreya K, Krishh Pranav, Katyayani Nair, Reyansh P Dongre, Kushal Nair, Samiksha Sandeep Das, Hari Prasad, Sanjana Shaji, K Janani and Sivaranjini S- the Super Stars of our CIE Spelling Bee. They transcended many levels.

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